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FAQs for Dentists


What does membership involve?
Our dental practitioners benefit from the opportunity to provide tailored estimates to patients for their individual treatment requests. With an easy to use platform that allows the patient to compare and book private dental treatment, we help our Panel Members to attract new patients through to their dental practice.

I already have a full diary. What benefits can I get from being on the panel?
As well as helping dentists on our panel to access potential new patients, we offer a host of other benefits. Through effective advertising methods, we can attract and deliver bigger, more attractive cases, helping you to increase your average case size and improve your profitability.

If you are thinking of expanding, we provide an additional source of business which can complement your own business efforts.

Do you limit the number of dentists on the panel in each area?
We do intend to limit the panel size in each area once we have reached our satisfactory number of dentists.

However, as a consumer comparison site, we have to provide our patients with choice. We will therefore ensure that we have a sufficient number of dentists in each area to meet demand and provide some choice for patients.

At present, we are recruiting in all areas.

Can I get exclusivity for dental services in my area?
We do not offer exclusivity to any dentists. As a consumer comparison site, it is important to us to remain impartial and allow our consumers to make an informed comparison and selection. Our panel size, however, is restricted, so you benefit from being part of a select panel.

How do you ensure a steady flow of new patients?
With continued investment in marketing and, unique relationships with some of the leading household brands, we will attract potential patients to the website. In turn, this will increase the number of treatment requests each of our dentists receive.

I want all my associates on the panel but some are not as experienced?
We are happy to include your associates on our dental panel; however, they too must also be able to demonstrate that they have undergone additional postgraduate or private dental training.

If they are not able to provide proof of prior attendance immediately then we would request proof of registration on an appropriate course within 6 months of joining the panel.

I am an Associate can I join as an individual?
Yes we allow Associates to join on their own. However, you will be solely responsible for paying the commission for treatment undertaken.

We advise any Associate, looking to bring in new business through CompareMySmile.com, to discuss and agree how the new business acquisition costs will be handled with their Principal.

What if I work at more than one practice?
The membership fees are based on an individual at a practice. We may offer reduced rates for multi-practice memberships, please contact us for further details at info@comparemysmile.com.

How much does it cost to join?
We have different levels of membership and prices start from just £100 (plus VAT) per month for a dentist at a practice. Costs for additional dentists at a practice are based on the numbers of dentists. Please contact us with your practice details for a personalised quote.

What further costs are there?
All of our dentists are charged a commission percentage on the total value of the treatments undertaken. Commission is only applied to treatments costing over £500. For any treatments under £500, there is a flat rate of £75 for the introduction.

Personalised Profile Page

What details go on mine or the practice’s profile?
One of the key features of CompareMySmile.com is the ability for dental practices to extend their reach and enhance their reputation through a personalised profile page.

In addition to listing staff members, their qualifications and experience, practices can upload photographs, ‘before and afters’ and patient testimonials to their CompareMySmile.com profile page and share their success stories with thousands of potential patients. Click here to see an example …

All information displayed must be in line with the advertising guidelines proposed by the GDC, and will be monitored by our technical team. Please refer to Our Dentists page, to view the Principles of Ethical Advertising.

Responding to Wish Lists

What is an estimate?
The definition of an estimate is an approximate calculation or judgment made on something’s worth or value. Estimates which our dentists provide are not fixed, nor are they ‘Quotations’. We expect that Estimates may change a little based on further information at the time of the dentist’s initial review with the patient. The more information we are able to provide our panellists with, the closer to an accurate figure the original estimate will be.

Will I only receive requests for treatment from patients in my area?
Depending on the treatment needs and case size, it is clear that some patients are prepared to travel significant distances to have work performed. Dentists on our panel may therefore be able to respond to enquiries around the country, thereby extending their reach.

How much detail should I include with my estimate?
Dental treatment estimates should be as detailed as possible, based on the data provided. This will allow the prospective patient to make an informed decision.

The estimates are not binding on either party. We monitor estimates to make sure that they are reasonable. Abuse of the estimate process by unrealistically low total costs may result in your estimate being removed. Consistent abuse of the estimating process will result in removal of that dentist / practice from our panel. We want patients to be able to select quality dental treatment from our panel of dentists. It serves no one to engage in a price driven race to the bottom.

I haven’t got sufficient information to put a treatment plan together?
You are not required to give treatment plan at this stage. Instead, we ask that you provide a brief description of the treatment you might offer in relation to the price you are estimating for.

The patient is informed before submitting their wish list that the information received from Dentists is for guidance and information only and should not be an indication of a treatment plan. You can explain that other alternatives may be suitable for the patient and go through these as part of the free of charge initial review.

Can I offer two treatment options?
It is important that your estimate is based on the patient’s treatment request. However, should you see two plausible options for treatment we advise that you submit an additional estimate for an alternative treatment option. This will give the consumer a better view of the treatment options and costs available at your practice.

What if the treatment changes at the consultation?
It is quite possible that the treatment plan could change at consultation, given your observation of the patient’s dental health and requirements. The initial review will allow you the opportunity to discuss the various treatment options with the patient before proceeding with the treatment requested.

It is solely the dentist’s responsibility to obtain consent from the patient prior to starting the treatment. The treatment may not be the same as the treatment originally estimated.

Do I have to reduce my prices in order to compete?
We advise that you use your standard charges when providing an estimate to allow the patient to understand the likely cost of treatment and make an informed decision about whether to proceed with treatment.

If you wish to lower your fees, or offer a particular patient a reduction (e.g. to attend at your practice during a quiet period), you can do so at your own discretion.

We will monitor all the responses from our dental panellists to ensure that realistic estimates are provided. At our discretion, we may remove estimates which are designed ‘to cheat’ the system.

Who can view my estimates?
To protect your commercial interests, estimates submitted by each dentist on our panel are viewed only by the patient requesting treatment. Other dentists will not see your estimates for work. We do not make estimates publically available on the website.

As with any electronic communication, you should ensure that what is written in the estimate is professionally delivered and does not contain anything which you would not want your patient to read.

CompareMySmile.com personnel will be able to view every estimate provided and may monitor them to ensure that they are fair and provided within our Terms and Conditions.

How long are estimates valid for?
Your estimates should remain valid for a minimum of 42 days.

Patient Coordinators

What is the role of CompareMySmile’s patient co-ordinators?
Each patient co-ordinator has been trained to guide patients through a ‘dental wish list’ in order to create a detailed request on which our dentists can base their estimates. Our Patient Co-ordinators also play a vital role in qualification of our enquiries. Each online enquiry will be reviewed so that the patient co-ordinators can determine whether the information is of sufficient quality to provide an estimate.

Additionally, our Patient Co-ordinators may assist with patients’ enquiries, to ensure that a patient understands the treatment he / she has requested and has a realistic view of the likely costs. We want to make sure that only patients who are serious about treatment are passed through to our dentists for an estimate request.

Initial Review

What happens in the initial review?
All potential patients are entitled to a free initial review with their chosen panel member. It is a chance for clinicians to discuss the treatment requested amongst other available treatment options; refine and confirm the estimate; discuss financing options. For example, after the initial review, a dentist may seek to engage the patient and take x-rays or an OPG / CT scan as a chargeable next step.

Does the review have to be with the dentist?
At this point, you have been personally selected above other respondents by the patient. We would therefore recommend that you carry out the review, so that the patient has the opportunity to meet with you to confirm their decision.

How long should the Initial Review Last?
As a minimum, the review should be 15 minutes in duration to allow confirmation of information and begin to move the potential patient into a paying patient engaging under the Terms and Conditions of the practice.


What are the benefits of providing insurance cover?
We offer free 90 days dental insurance cover to patients who obtain treatment via our service. The policy is provided by our partners to provide protection to dentists and patients against the financial cost of re-work.

Our policy provides peace of mind, additional certainty, and a differentiating factor for the dentists on our panel.

What are the benefits of the Insurance for the CompareMySmile Dentist?
If a patient suffers trauma (e.g an accident) or if a case fails for reasons other than negligence or mal-practice (full policy available on request) the dentist is protected against the cost of re-work. In some cases, component failure can be early in the process, as a result of which many dentists put right the failure at their expense. Our Policy allows for the treatment to be done again on a chargeable basis so that the dentist is not out of pocket.

As a CompareMySmile dentist, you will also be able to provide this insurance cover for all patients, not just those who come through our site (see below).

How do I put patients on cover?
CompareMySmile.com automatically offers 90 day free insurance to patients who select treatment through its website. To activate cover patients can register themselves on our website at www.comparemysmile.com/90daycover.

Can I offer my existing private patients insurance cover?
A dentist will be able to publicise that he or she is part of a compareMySmile.com practice, and trade off the benefit that that peace of mind delivers to patients.

This policy offers peace of mind protection to all the patients you put on cover and may be viewed as a differentiator when attracting new patients to your practice.

For further information on offering this to your patients, please contact us on 0845 262 1122.

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